There’s no doubt subscriptions make life a whole lot easier. Your favourite products arrive on your doorstep and you can enjoy tv shows on demand. We love subscriptions. In fact we like them so much we might have oversubscribed in the beginning and possibly forgot about a few of them. And not all brands make cancelling or pausing your subscription easy.

We created hej tom because we think subscriptions should be convenient and hassle-free. By curating unique brands and giving you a better overview of your subscriptions. So that you can pause, cancel and edit at any time – avoiding waste, and also saving you money.

Business for good

We live in a world of convenience, and growing concern about sustainability. Our hej tom journey began with the question: Can the two go hand in hand? And our answer is, we think subscriptions have the power to merge them.

We know that when it comes to sustainability there’s a lot of greenwashing, and outright BS, so our team is dedicated to doing the background work, so you can make more informed choices.

Think of us like your subscription obsessed friend who is super organised, likes doing research, and is happy to share their study notes with you.

What does a better tomorrow look like for you?

We’re not trying to be perfect, but we are trying to be better. And with every decision we look critically at how our actions impact the wellbeing of people, society, and the environment.

Our platform is not an open one. To be sold on hej tom, brands must achieve a score, based on climate action, human rights and good health and wellbeing.

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