Ready to get a grip on your subscriptions?

Ready to get a grip on your subscriptions?



Let's face it. We all oversubscribed before, but that comes to an end with our handy subscription overview. Get notified when subscriptions are about to renew or cancel with a few clicks.


It's a jungle out there and hej tom is your guide. Based on your subscriptions and interests, we identify the coolest brands. From the sustainable meal box to the streaming platform you didn't know existed.

Save money

Lean back and let us do the work. We find the best deals out there that save you money. And the best part: hej tom users also receive special offers and discounts, which you'll find nowhere else.

Your subscription buddy

We are Florian and Roel, the founders of hej tom. We are driven by two things. Firstly, make subscriptions hassle-free. We love subscriptions, but they can be a pain as we lose track or find them hard to cancel.

Secondly, we believe that subscriptions should make tomorrow better – with fair terms and conditions and a positive impact on the planet and the people. That's why we founded hej tom.

Think of us as your subscription-obsessed friend who is super organized, likes doing research, and is happy to share their study notes with you.

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